"Rhema Café has truly been a lighthouse and a place of refuge to the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC) since opening. As an Air Force veteran, I personally know many Airmen that have sought out and found Rhema Café as a place of safety, healing and sanctuary. Rhema has been instrumental in coming along side and aiding countless active duty military, civilians and German citizens that suffer with depression, suicide and PTSD. When people know that they have a place to hang out that’s outside of a military installation, and talk with spiritual leaders that can truly relate to their situation(s), it’s truly a great help and a blessing. Many members of my church (City Mission Kaiserslautern) have volunteered at Rhema, has popped in for a time of worship and prayer, has led small groups there, and not to mention had a cup of the best coffee in Landstuhl. Tim and his team at Rhema is a partner and friend to me and City Mission, as well as many other churches in the KMC community. They are 'the central hub' for connecting people, organizations, and churches across denominations. If I can sum up Rhema in three words it would be that they are a 'God-sent jewel'.”

- Pastors Senetra & Jackie Harris, CMSgt (ret.), City Mission Kaiserslautern, Church of God        


"The Rhema Cafe is my favorite place to enjoy a coffee and engage in meaningful conversation.  Their extraordinary staff go the extra mile to ensure you feel welcome and appreciated.  With its peaceful atmosphere and relaxing sounds and aromas, Rhema Cafe provides an excellent cafe experience for the entire family!"

- N8         


"The KMRC is an oasis for those who's lives are hanging in the balance. This is a place where you will see authenticity in the hospitality, and you will feel like you belong. There are so many places that speak to giving hope, but once you come here, you will see just what the vision behind it is all about....life!"

- Pastor Paul & Lori, True Life KMC, Assemblies of God       


"The feeling of being loved and accepted is everywhere in this place, love it!"

- Dolly        


"The most comforting, welcoming, cozy atmosphere for anyone going through a tough time. Tim is wonderful to talk to and everyone there is incredibly friendly!"

- Alessandra        

"I absolutely love this place. I just moved to the area and miss grabbing a coffee with friends, but this place is so perfect to do just that. I love that there’s a kids area so you can sip and chat while letting the kiddos play. I came today because I got a date wrong for a workshop, but stayed because I ran into a friend, and the owner was so sweet when I realized my mistake. The atmosphere, the drinks and friendly company make it my new favorite cafe. The plants were an added bonus to the ambience. My cappuccino was delicious 🙏☕️"

- Jamie        

"Awesome place with a fantastic mission and delicious coffee! Great place to bring the kids or study or just chill. Located centrally in Landstuhl. Great staff and relaxing environment."

- Julie        

"The most amazing hot chocolate experience my kids have ever had- you have to try it to understand! Wonderful setting, so cozy and enjoyable, and I love that my kids had a place to play while my friend and I got to catch up. Can't wait to go back!."

- Erin        

"I hosted a writing event at the Rhema Cafe: KMRC and the hospitality was excellent. My guest were so impressed. It's such a sweet atmosphere and Pastor Tim and his staff are so pleasant. The drinks were delicious as well and always such beautiful presentation."

- Daphne