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The Realities of PTSD (Part I)-The Story of CMSGT Tim Carentz, USAF (Ret.)

The Warriors Journey CEO, Kevin Weaver sits down to interview CMSGT Tim Carentz, USAF (Ret.) to discuss the realities of PTSD. This is a two part series that will cover a lot of issues to help uncover and restore the realities of Warrior’s darkest moments and the healing that can take place.

In this episode, Tim shares about his experience at 9-11, his Trauma Critical Care experience in the US Air Force, what happens to those serving the wounded, addressing the realities of PTSD and his experience with it… “PTSD stole my man card, but Jesus restored it”. He also discusses the rewards and challenges while serving the wounded in combat zones.

Tim shares about his new ventures in his post USAF calling to begin a Resiliency Center in Germany. He will begin that Faith-Based outreach to Military members and their Families this fall, and The Warriors Journey will be partnering with him in this new chapter of his ministry and career.

Podcast Source: The Warriors Journey

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