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The Realities of PTSD (Part II)-The Story of CMSGT Tim Carentz, USAF (Ret.)

The Warriors Journey CEO, Kevin Weaver sits down to interview CMSGT Tim Carentz, USAF (Ret.) to discuss the realities of PTSD. This is a two part series that will cover a lot of issues to help uncover and restore the realities of Warrior’s darkest moments and the healing that can take place.

In this episode, Tim continues his story about his faith journey and his “Spiritual Mutt”, his major growth points – Letting go of old things; forgiveness of others, ongoing healing, learning to hear from God and acting on it, and working with peer led support groups. He also expands on how this has lead to his calling, how The Warriors Journey has helped and will continue in the future, and closes with an invitation to accept Jesus.

Podcast Source: The Warriors Journey


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