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Resiliency (Part II): An Interview with CMSGT Tim Carentz, USAF (Ret.)

This episode from The Warriors Journey and the prior episode both pack a punch with some practical and simple truths. They are designed to help those in your network, family, or church become more resilient by asking the right questions and having some engaging conversations.

It’s not always easy to talk about subjects that you may be unfamiliar with, but we can all be encouraging and kind through asking questions that place value on those we’re around.

In these episodes, CMSGT Tim Carentz, Sr., USAF (Ret) unpacks some resources derived from the calling on his life to help Military members all over the globe build resiliency and begin conversations about God.

No matter what you’re walking thru, no matter how big it may seem, it’s not too big for God… and EVERYONE is either currently going thru something, or has before… we all battle things. And those in the Military have gone thru similar challenges along the way… so reach out. Ask for help. Everyone who begins a healing process starts with opening up regardless of the fears of embarrassment, and seeks help. There is no judgement… AT ALL.

Podcast Source: The Warriors Journey


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